Shipping and Returns Policy

1- Shipping:

The products purchased will be delivered to the person and address indicated in the order.

1. By default, invoices will be sent to the email address indicated by the customer at the time of registration in hempshopcenter.

2. On Saturdays and Sundays there will be no exit or delivery of orders.

3. Nevertheless his delay will imply neither cancellation of the order nor indemnification some.

4. An order is considered delivered at the time the carrier delivers the package or packages to the customer and the customer signs the delivery receipt document. It is up to the customer to verify the status of the goods on receipt and to indicate any anomalies on the delivery receipt.

5. Once the order leaves our facilities becomes responsible for the transport company, any incident either breakage, incidents with packages, delays, etc.

6. For shipments outside europe and usa, please consult us and for the Balearic Islands Ceuta Melilla and Canary Islands also consult us as the shipping rates are different.

2- Delivery times:

After payment received confirmation sent via email and sms, Within 24 – 72 hours, depending on the logistic requested, the amount and whether or not it requires handling. hempshopcenter is not responsible for any delay that may occur in the delivery and the delays that may occur will not give rise to any compensation from us.

Availability of Products: In the event that we do not have in stock any of the items that have been purchased for any reason, we will notify you so that you can decide between:

1. Waiting for us to receive the missing item and send the entire order in a single shipment.

2. The available items are sent first and the rest when we receive them, although you may have to pay shipping costs

3. Request a refund by sending an email to indicating the order number.

3- Return and cancellation policies

3-1 Return of merchandise:

Our policy, in compliance with current regulations, is to grant you the right to return any item purchased from Hempshopcenter within 7 days from the date of receipt.

You do not have to provide any explanation. Any item purchased at Hempshopcenter returned in its original packaging, sealed and in perfect condition will be accepted without further explanation. Within a maximum period of 3 days from the reception of the return, Hempshopcenter commits to its refund.

Before making the return, you will have to communicate it to the Customer Service Department. If the reason for the return is that the returned item is defective or does not correspond to what was requested in the order, within 7 days Hempshopcenter will pay for the return and new shipment. If the reason for the return is that the order is not satisfactory, we will refund the amount but not the shipping costs or return costs.

Review and check the status of the package in front of the delivery person and if its condition is not completely correct, state on the delivery note “Signature not checked”, “The box is damaged”, “A package is missing” or whatever you think is appropriate. Once you open the package check the products conditions and if for any reason any product arrives damaged contact us within 24 hours to proceed with a return.

After more than 7 days from the reception of the order, whenever a return is made either for a defective product or an exchange, the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs both to and from the destination.

Please check all products before returning them; returned products that work properly will be returned to the customer and a return shipping charge will be made to the customer.

We can not accept incidents after 24 hours from the order reception.

*Please note that we cannot accept returns from: Seeds, Bulbs, Unsealed items that can be reproduced or copied (DVDs, CDs, etc), shipments without incident number outside or without their original packaging.

3-2 Order cancellation:

If the cancellation of the order arrives before the departure of the goods the customer will not have any cost. In the case of a cancellation after the departure of the order, the customer will be responsible for shipping costs as well as the cost of returning this same order.

4 – Packaging

We do not grow, cure, package, and ship from the same buildings or property. All our products leave the trimming building and are taken to our packaging facility. Here, we have a room with hooded outtake fans to keep the smell out of the room and off the packaging. They are weighed by one body, put into a smell proof mylar bags by another using a funnel, and finally closed by a third person, and the mylar bag is then sealed. In this manner, no one ever touches the bag with contaminated hands, and the room isn¹t permeated with smell and residue. The bags then are taken to our shipping dept where no raw product exists, not only keeping residue and smell off your order, but also off all our shipping materials. When your order is filled, your whole order is put into another smell proof mylar bag and sealed to insure the least possible chance of smell.