White widow


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White widow

  • CBD+CBDA < 18%
  • GreenHouse grown
  •  Chemicals free
  • THC < 0.2%


White Widow

The White Widow is one of the most famous genetics in the world of CBD Hemp. Especially known for its spread in the Netherlands, has origins that date back more than twenty years, but are still shrouded in mystery. The enigma of its birth has helped turn White Widow into a true Cannabis legend.

White widow strain appearance

Apparently, the flowers of this genetics can seem almost sweet. The buds of CBD often have a medium/small size, due to the real absence of apical spikes. In fact, this plant develops “wide” and does not reach high heights; this allows the development of all the peaks in a more uniform way.

The color of the heads is a green with a very “strong” connotation, in the culture of cannabis of CBD in Spain often the green is darker than that of its Dutch “sister”. The green is interspersed with a presence (average) of pistils and trichomes of dark orange/red color.

White widow aroma

White Widow CBD has an unmistakable perfume and aroma on the palate of experts. Its notes are woody, earthy, Scots pine with the softness of exotic fruit aromas.

Its perfume is intoxicating, “classic”, intense and enveloping. One often notices the similarity with Our Gorilla Glue, with which it shares many olfactory and taste characteristics.

White widow origin and cultivation

The cultivation of this genetics takes place in specially created greenhouses in Lombardy, in the province of Pavia. The greenhouses, of the last generation, allow an almost total management of the illumination, humidity and temperature of the environments.

The lighting is largely natural, but lamps are also used for specific periods during the plant’s life and during the winter months.

This plant is particularly hardy and does not need much fertilizer, which is why it is often chosen for GlassHouse (like this one) and GreenHouse (in greenhouses without artificial light). This production is totally organic and does not use any heavy metals or GMOs.

The Origins

White Widow’s origins date back to 1995 but, as mentioned, there is still much mystery surrounding its birth. According to the latest research, it should be a cross between the South Indian and Brazilian, appearing for the first time in the Netherlands. This enigma has also contributed to making the CBD White Widow a true legend.


White whidow Dissemination

The percentage of CBD indicated above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory for this gene.

Unfortunately, the product is a plant and there can be significant variations in the percentage of cannabinoids from one flower to another; in addition, the lots are often slightly different from each other.

In spite of this variability, hempshopcenter guarantees the legality of all the individual lots, since the THC is analyzed daily in all the commercialized products.

Why Hempshopcenter?

Phosphorescente was founded by a collection of health-conscious cannabis connoisseurs with over 25 years of combined experience in the organic food industry. Hempshopcenter partners up with hemp farms in Colorado and Oregon to produce the highest grade CBD products available on the market.

Here at Hempshopcenter, we all agreed there was a big lack of health-conscious plant-based cannabis products available to us here in the Netherlands. It has been our duty to fill this void.

Our customer most appreciate us because we consider every single order as a chance to improve our services and we are dealing with all our knowledges in this business to always provide our best.

We aim to lovely select our best strains every season in order to innovate for our customers around the world. Place your order today with hempshopcenter and join our  great client community.

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ounce – 28g, 1/8Lbs(2oz)- 56g, 1/4Lbs(4oz) – 128g, 1/2Lbs(8oz) – 226g, 1Lbs – 500g, 2Lbs – 1kg

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