Melon kush


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Melon Kush

  • CBD + CBDA < 18%
  • GreenHouse grown
  • Chemicals free
  • THC < 0.2%


Melon Kush

Melon Kush is a variety of legal cannabis CBD of last generation. This genetics is predominantly indica and owes its particular aroma to the crossing of a classic Kush with a Lemon Haze.

Melon kush Aspect

Melon Kush flowers have a truly unique appearance, which invites you to try it. Its color is a very light green with a strong presence of resin. The buds are medium sized, with a slightly elongated shape that makes each flower resemble a small “tree”.

The trichomes and pistils are very clear and covered by a layer of resin, for this reason to see them you must observe the buds from very close.

Melon Kush Aroma

The smell and taste of Melon Kush are very special; the balance created by the latter makes it a variety highly appreciated by experts. In fact, this genetics combines the typical flavours of the Indian family with the classic aromas of the Lemon Haze.

The result is an aroma with body, fresh with clear touches of pine and earthy combined with a sweet taste of citrus and ripe fruit, with an aftertaste of grapefruit and melon that has given the name to this variety. The smell is intense, soft and very pleasant; it reminds the sensation of being in a flowery meadow.

Melon kush origin and Culture

The production of this variety is carried out in a well known agricultural company located in Lombardy. This farm is born in the plain where it manages to make the most of all the advantages of GreenHouse cultivation (greenhouse). The greenhouses have been adapted to take full advantage of this plant.

Melon Kush, like other Kush, is a hardy variety and lends itself very well to growing outdoors and in greenhouses. The productions of this farm are all organic and do not contain any heavy metals and / or transgenic.


The variety Melon Kush was born in the last years in Europe from the crossing between Kush and Haze. The citrus characteristic given by the Lemon Haze makes it one of the most popular legal marijuana genetics. As all the Kush, its origins are in the mountains of the Hindu Kush, in Afghanistan.


Melon kush Dissemination

The percentage of CBD indicated above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory for this gene.

Unfortunately, the product is a plant and there can be significant variations in the percentage of cannabinoids from one flower to another; in addition, the lots are often slightly different from each other.

In spite of this variability, hempshopcenter guarantees the legality of all the individual lots, since the THC is analyzed daily in all the commercialized products.


Why Hempshopcenter?

Phosphorescente was founded by a collection of health-conscious cannabis connoisseurs with over 25 years of combined experience in the organic food industry. Hempshopcenter partners up with hemp farms in Colorado and Oregon to produce the highest grade CBD products available on the market.

Here at Hempshopcenter, we all agreed there was a big lack of health-conscious plant-based cannabis products available to us here in the Netherlands. It has been our duty to fill this void.

Our customer most appreciate us because we consider every single order as a chance to improve our services and we are dealing with all our knowledges in this business to always provide our best.

We aim to lovely select our best strains every season in order to innovate for our customers around the world. Place your order today with hempshopcenter and join our  great client community. We thank you for your attention and we are looking forward to read your feedback soon.

Additional information


ounce – 28g, 1/8Lbs(2oz)- 56g, 1/4Lbs(4oz) – 128g, 1/2Lbs(8oz) – 226g, 1Lbs – 500g, 2Lbs – 1kg

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