Do si dos


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Do si dos

  • CBD + CBDA < 22.5%
  • Indoor grown
  • Chemicals free
  •  Hydroponics culture
  • THC < 0.2%


Do Si Dos

The Do-Si-Dos is the novelty that is altering the market of the cannabis CBD. It represents one of the most popular genetics in Spain and California, where in Colorado it has practically become an institution. The genetics Do-Si-Dos presents qualities very similar to those of its parents: the OGKB, also known under the name of Kush Breath.

In fact, the Do-Si-Dos is a hybrid predominantly Indica and, descendant of a Girl Scout Cookies, it has a unique and particular taste. This plant of legal marijuana of CBD in particular is the result of intense studies and different crossings which have given birth to a quality with peaks of CBD which go beyond 22,5 %.

Do si dos strain Appearance

At sight, the flowers of Dos Si Dos are very compact and very clear, in fact the huge amount of resin produced by the plant makes the inflorescences are so light green that they tend to be white .

The buds are medium/large thanks to the elongated structure of the plant and its flowers. Looking closer at the buds we can see how the light green is interrupted by a myriad of bright orange, almost red trichomes and pistils.

Do si dos strain Aroma

The most experienced can only appreciate the smell and aroma of Dos Si Dos, intense and mild with strong references to wood, soil and the winter season.

The taste is strong with light aromas of Scots pine and earth, with an aftertaste that reminds one of the aroma and taste of chestnuts. For these reasons it is very popular especially in the winter season.

Do si dos Origin and Cultivation

This crop is located in Valle d’Aosta (Italy) on a plateau that is also very famous for tourism. This production is developed only in interiors (Indoor) in environments specifically designed to maximize the flowering cycle of the plant.

Many lots are cultivated following the hydroponic technique for a better control of the life cycle of the plants, especially in the coldest months. In this company, the lighting system they use is very interesting, as it combines sunlight with innovative lamps specially designed for hemp cultivation.

The production follows the principles of organic cultivation and follows a strict discipline that guarantees the highest quality of the final product.


The Dos Si Dos is a newcomer to the world scene, but has been immediately received with great enthusiasm by many connoisseurs and has quickly become a classic of the American and European scene. This genetics is predominantly Indica and is obtained from the crossing of two famous American genetics: the famous Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG.


Do si dos Dissemination

The percentage of CBD indicated above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory for this gene. Unfortunately, the product is a plant and there can be significant variations in the percentage of cannabinoids from one flower to another; in addition, the lots are often slightly different from each other.

In spite of this variability, hempshopcenter guarantees the legality of all the individual lots, since the THC is analyzed daily in all the commercialized products.


Why Hempshopcenter?

Phosphorescente was founded by a collection of health-conscious cannabis connoisseurs with over 25 years of combined experience in the organic food industry. Hempshopcenter partners up with hemp farms in Colorado and Oregon to produce the highest grade CBD products available on the market.

Here at Hempshopcenter, we all agreed there was a big lack of health-conscious plant-based cannabis products available to us here in the Netherlands. It has been our duty to fill this void.

Our customer most appreciate us because we consider every single order as a chance to improve our services and we are dealing with all our knowledges in this business to always provide our best.

We aim to lovely select our best strains every season in order to innovate for our customers around the world. Place your order today with hempshopcenter and join our  great client community.




Additional information


ounce – 28g, 1/8Lbs(2oz)- 56g, 1/4Lbs(4oz) – 128g, 1/2Lbs(8oz) – 226g, 1Lbs – 500g, 2Lbs – 1kg

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