Marijuana indoor growing tips

Indoor growing allows you to grow all year round, but it also brings with it many responsibilities. Learn how to create successful indoor growing.

Marijuana indoor growing is possible at any time of the year, regardless of the weather. This move to the interior not only makes cannabis growing more accessible and feasible, but more importantly, eliminates the criminal aspect of the buying process for the average smoker. If you grow your own marijuana, you no longer need a dealer. The primary goal is cannabis self-sufficiency, something you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

Marijuana indoor growing with artificial lights forces the grower to take responsibility for the creation and maintenance of the environment. The cultivator, instead of the mother nature, will have to take care of the cannabis and to control the conditions of the culture. If you want to smoke your own weed, you must be willing to take care of female cannabis plants for about 3 months.

Marijuana indooor growing is a practical activity that requires specialized equipment. Grow lights, fans and carbon filters, pots, fertilizers, growing media and cupboards cost money. Every growing operation has an initial cost as well as fixed costs such as electricity. However, after one or two harvests, most crops are more than paid for in bud.


Today, the vast majority of indoor cannabis strains are specially adapted for growing with artificial light. Outdoor strains can also be grown indoors. However, these strains are less well adapted and generally thrive best outdoors in plenty of sunshine.

The micro producers and growers of cabinets with a limited space of vertical growth will have to stick to the feminized hybrids, Indica dominant and photodependent and/or to the autoflowering varieties. The small and dense plants which finish quickly are also a good choice for the novice grower.

The growers of cupboards or rooms have more options as for the choice of varieties. Indica or auto-flowering plants can be pruned with SOG methods.

Alternatively, if you have a vertical space of about 2m, another viable option are the high varieties of predominantly sativa. Late flowering sativas stretch quite a bit during the flowering period, and often require the application of pruning and training techniques to control their size.

The variety that best suits the conditions of your grow room is the variety that is best suited to you. Growers with experience in pruning and training techniques, such as LST, fimming, topping, or the ScrOG method, could grow a 13-week Haze in a closet. But unless you have worked with a cannabis strain before, you will need to gather as much data as possible from various sources in order to determine whether or not it is a good fit for your growing operation.


It is probably best to start marijuana indoor growing independently and continue that way. If time is an issue, growing from seed will not be a delay. The auto-flowering seeds finish maturing before the photoperiodic ones nine times out of ten. What’s more, growing from feminized seeds guarantees you won’t have to get rid of the male plants, and you won’t inherit pests and pathogens from another grower’s cuttings. In addition, new cannabis strains are created all the time. It can take months to years for a cannabis partnership to develop Cannabis Cup winner cuttings to meet demand.


A complete marijuana indoor growing environment with all the necessary accessories can be obtained on the internet in a single package. Generally, these growing kits are divided into three growing styles: organic soil, coconut and hydro. They all have the growing cabinet in common. Growing plants inside a grow closet in an open room in the house has become the norm for home growers all over the world.

Grow closets come in all shapes and sizes. Alternatively, you can transform a closet or a room. If you opt for home planting, you won’t be able to use the space for other things. For marijuana indoor growing, your site should be quarantined and you will have to line it with reflective sheeting yourself. In addition, the space should be opaque to avoid interruptions during the dark period. So you might end up having to do a little DIY.


There are many ways to grow a good herb indoors. Regardless of the type of marijuana or growing style you prefer, every indoor grower must control the most important factors in growing cannabis: light, water, fertilizer, substrate and environmental control (airflow, temperature and relative humidity).

Naturally, you must constantly monitor these factors in order to control them. Therefore, every producer must invest in at least one indispensable tool. The thermo-hygrometer is an essential tool in the grow room, and the only way to monitor temperature variation and HR levels. A pH kit, or measuring pen, is another essential element, unless you use fertilizers that automatically adjust to optimal levels.


Farmer that are planning to run out marijuana indoor growing can decide when their photodependent plants start to flower, as they control the light cycle. If things go wrong, you can prolong vegetative growth by maintaining 18-6 lighting while making corrections and waiting for the plant to recover. Or you may want to apply some trimming or training techniques. Either way, vegetative growth does not have to be limited to the typical 3-6 weeks.

You can also speed up, which is especially useful for Sativa growers, by switching to 12-12 after 1-2 weeks of vegetative growth. What’s more, car growers can help their plants reach the peak of yield and speed by experimenting with light cycles of 18-6, 20-4, 22-2, and even 24 hours of light.

Flowering can last as little as 5 weeks for the fastest cars, although the transition will begin about 30 days after germination, regardless of the lighting schedule. The varieties indica usually finish blooming in approximately 8 weeks. The hybrids indica – sativa can need from 8 to 10 weeks, whereas a period of +12 weeks is very common for certain exceptional marijuana as the Amnesia Haze.

A frosty layer of resin and white pistils that takes on a red/orange color is telling you that harvest time is approaching. Confirm this with a closer examination of the trichomes with the help of a pocket microscope. Look for milky resinous heads with the occasional amber color before you start harvesting your ganja forest.

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