What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive molecule that produce the plants of cannabis. The CBD provides a relaxing and lucid effect, and can counteract the psychoactive intensity of the THC. Read on to discover more about this fascinating cannabinoid.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the non-psychoactive compound that is revolutionizing marijuana. In 1940, the organic chemist Roger Adams was the first to isolate CBD. But it has not been until century XXI when the average consumer of cannabis has been able finally to familiarize itself with other cannabinoids different from the THC.

Scientists compete in ingenuity to obtain CBD without THC without success, the best results always give a very low THC content of less than 0.2%. We are going to explore how CBD work without THC and its benefits.

Between more than 500 natural compounds of the cannabis, it is believed that at least 85 are cannabinoides. It is amazing that in year 2017 as soon as we have scratched the surface of the cannabinoides. However, with the data at our disposal, we can at least share what we have learned so far about CBD.

Let us begin our analysis on the CBD comparing it and contrasting it with the cannabinoid that better we know, the THC.


Unlike the THC, the molecule of the CBD has very little relation with the cannabinoides receivers CB1 and CB2. The endocannabinoide system is the internal cannabinoide system of the human body.

The anandamide is the compound cannabinoide of the human body that activates the receivers CB1. The CBD has the double effect of inhibiting the enzyme that uses the body to metabolize the anandamide and of counteracting the action of the THC on the receptor CB1, which moderates the psychoactive effect of the THC. As we said before it would be interessant to checkout how CBD work without THC.


Lets checkout how CBD work without THC and its benefits. It is impossible to cultivate cannabis without THC. Even hemp suitable only for making ropes contains traces of THC, perhaps only 0.3%, but it contains a little. Almost pure CBD products, such as oils and tinctures, are often less effective than whole plant products containing both THC and CBD in different proportions.

Since CBD does not have an intoxicating effect, the mixture of high and low THC CBD is a guarantee of relaxation instead of stimulation. Isolated CBD has an almost pure relaxing effect on the body. Here we show you three varieties which belong to the category of marijuana rich in CBD.


CBD Crew’s, CBD Therapy is the next generation, CBD-rich variety. It is surprising that a marijuana with a ratio of 20:1 comes entirely from recreational varieties. This plant is a testimony of the masters breeders who conceived it, and it is perhaps the least psychoactive herb that exists. It usually has a level of CBD of 8-10% and 0,5% of THC.

The CBD Mango Haze is another jewel in the CBD Crew catalog. It is not only another rich variety in CBD; with a ratio of CBD: THC of 1:1, it is probably the best flavor in the world, with a taste of pineapple and mango and spicy notes, a delight for the palate. This hybrid of predominance Sativa takes a little longer to bloom, up to 11 weeks, but produces generous yields, especially with the method ScrOG. Its level of CBD of up to 10% and a content of 6-8% of THC. Mango haze is the great strain for checking out how CBD work with THC.

The Tangelo Rapido Auto of Barney’s Farm is a variety autoflowering rich in CBD which goes from seed to harvest in only 70 days. This sweet citrus-flavoured herb is a robust, low-maintenance plant and a great choice for the novice grower. It produces yields of 25-50g and reaches a height of 60-70cm with numerous branches.


As it has already been mentioned, the CBD mitigates the psychoactive effect of the THC, but the relation between these two cannabinoids is much more complex. Although not yet we know it completely, We know that CBD does more than modulate the intense THC rush.

CBD is what scientists call polypharmacological, which is an elegant way of saying that it is a compound with multiple functions and therefore extremely difficult to analyze. In addition, the expression of the endocannabinoid receptor varies from person to person, so each will respond differently to the same ratio of CBD:THC.

This makes it even more difficult to find the perfect ratio. Said this, the varieties of marijuana with a ratio of CBD:THC of 1:1 are proving to be the most effective. The combination of CBD and THC improves any. Here are three balanced strains with a 1:1 ratio.