how do I buy legal cbd hemp in europe?

Legal CBD used for health issues

Medical experiences has demonstrated that the cannabis has an accumulation of medicinal uses that go from the relief of muscular pains, to the reduction of the cancerigenic cells in the human being. At the present time it is known that most of these curative properties of the cannabis are present in the cannabidiol (CBD), one of the own components of the plant, which is able to activate the receivers cannabinoides in the patients.

Contrary to which some people would think, the CBD does not have psychotropic effects. These are contained rather in the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). And being more exact, some studies indicate that the CBD rather repels and controls the hallucinogenic effect present in the marijuana.

Do Europe laws authorize legal CBD ?

The gray legal line of the CBD

The issue of the legality of CBD is really complex because this component can be extracted from two classes of cannabis: the one used for medicinal purposes and the industrial one. The problem with the medicinal one, is that it can contain variable amounts of THC, compound that generates the own psychotropic effect of the marijuana. On the contrary, the industrial hemp is much more used for the extraction of CBD, because in this one, the level of THC is much more controllable and the European laws have more than 50 allowed varieties of industrial hemp.

It is obvious that the THC levels are determinant for knowing if a hemp compound is legal or not. However, the decriminalization of marijuana consumption suggests that we should basically pay attention to the European Union’s marketing and agricultural laws, which offer a more complete picture of the issue.

Laws validating the sale and use of CBD

LEGAL CBD IN Europe According to the regulations of the aid scheme of the common agricultural policy of the region, hemp can be produced legally as long as the varieties of cannabis used do not have a percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol greater than 0.2%. This stipulation extends to most permits covering the use of cannabis products and extracts. We return to the same point: What is illegal is the presence of THC.

There are a number of legal documents and treaties that support the sale of CBD, as it is not a narcotic substance: The consolidated text of the Law on Guarantees and Rational Use of Medicines and Health Products, the 1971 Vienna Convention on Psychotropic Substances, the aid regime of the region’s common agricultural policy, among others.

The problem of non-regulation of medicinal cannabis

There are things that the law allows, but which are still taboo, stumbling over an ambiguity. One is, for example, access to medicinal cannabis, which is full of misinformation.
In an interview for the newspaper El País (2016), Jose Martinez Orgado – head of neonatology of the Madrid Hospital San Carlos – expressed that one of the problems of the cannabinoids is the mixed one that is the subject of its regulation with the recreational use of the cannabis. Many doctors know of the curative properties of the CBD, but hardly they will prescribe it of official form. The social clubs of Cannabis also have much care on the matter.

Buying and selling products containing CBD

The good news is that our affiliation within the European Union has sustained some changes in favor of the medical cannabis. Some of the member countries maintain medical cannabis programs (Germany, France, Finland and Macedonia) and most allow free movement of hemp and some medicinal products made from cannabis plants. A particular case is that of food supplements based on CBD.
We could say that there are no major problems for the buyer and that those who should be more careful are the producers and sellers. The purchase of these products is simply in a gray area that does not legalize it, but for no reason illegalizes it, either.

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